According to a recent Gallup poll, 85% of people world wide hate their jobs and especially their bosses.  Even more surprising the average person will spend roughly 1/3 of their life at work.  Thats 85% of working adults on this planet who hate 1/3 of their lives.  This is a really alarming amount of people.  But what if there was a way to hate your job less, maybe even grow to like it? Since I began implementing these tips that I'm about to share with you, I've come to realize that I don't hate my job nearly as much as I thought I did, I've stopped complaining about work, and I've even grown to like it a bit!  

1. Declutter Your Workspace - A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind as the saying goes. Having a cluttered and disorganized desk can increase stress and anxiety, by making it difficult to find things, stay on top of very important things, and reducing productivity. Invest in a cork board, a notebook, and a filing system that you can keep track of to help you stay organized and declutter your workspace. Start by creating a clear space for what your currently working on.  Friendly tip, spend 5 to 10min at the end of each day clearing off any work that has been completed for the day and putting things back in their proper place.  This will help to prepare you for a productive today tomorrow.

2. Take A Break - whether it be to the bathroom, to the water cooler, or a sample standing stretch.  It is important to take breaks to incorporate movement and physical activity in an otherwise sedentary work day. Taking breaks gives your mind time to relax and de-stress, and your eyes a break from glaring into the blue light radiating from your computer screen. Try incorporating simple breathing exercises into your breaks to increase blood flow, release tension in the body, and refocus.  I recommend taking 3 to 5 breaks per day.

3. Create Reminders - Fill your cubicle or office with things that remind you to take care of yourself like an inspirational quote, things that make you happy like photos of family and friends, or things you find beautiful like beach sunset photo you took on your last vacation.  These things can help to elevate your mood, help you find ease during a hectic work day, or 

4. One Thing At A Time - This one is pretty simple.  Prioritize your day in to a to do list and work on completing each task one at a time.  Working on one thing at a time ensures that you are producing your best work at all times.  When you are multi-tasking your attention is divided, which can cause mistakes, things slipping through the cracks, and time wasted having to go back and redo things.

5. Tune In - Listening to your favorite song, podcast, or audiobook can help to make repetitive tasks more enjoyable, raises your vibrational frequency, improves your mood, and can improve your focus by increasing dopamine levels in your brain. When your mood is elevated and calm your more likely to approach the most mundane of task with a more positive attitude.

WellnessPerryn Ford