What is wellness tourism and why you should try it

If you’ve ever returned from your travels feeling more stressed (especially if you put pressure on yourself to see all the sights and do all the things), then you’ll understand the advent of wellness tourism. With many people feeling overworked and underappreciated in their corporate lives, there has been a rise in wellness tourism in the last few years. You may be wondering, though, what is wellness tourism? Social media will have you believe wellness tourism is rose petal filled baths and wallet-draining yoga retreats. However, the answer is more complicated.

What is wellness tourism?

Wellness tourism is defined as ‘any kind of travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities.’ As you can see, the answer to what is wellness tourism? is very individualistic. 

Although wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors, it doesn’t have to involve expensive spas. Your wellness tourism experience can be unique to you. It could involve hiking, sailing, a religious retreat, a knitting retreat… whatever personally brings you wellness.

Benefits of wellness tourism

There are huge benefits to wellness tourism, both personally, professionally and economically. Personally, wellness tourism can improve your mental health and reduce stress. Professionally, it can help you return to work feeling more motivated. On a larger scale, studies find that wellness tourists spend 130% more than the average tourist, which can help boost local economies. However, we want to remind you to be aware of over tourism, respect your local environment, and remember that wellness tourism doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or remote. 

How to take a wellness tourism trip

Instagram may lead you to believe that you need to go to a world-class spa in Bali or Costa Rica to experience wellness tourism. There are certainly some stunning luxury wellness retreats out there, so no shame if that’s your thing!

Remember, though, that there are many alternatives for less expensive and more accessible wellness tourism experiences. At Cloverdale Collective we are very passionate about sharing easy ways to turn travel into self care. That’s why we’ve created a series of self care city guides, sharing our personal favorite hacks to making your next vacation into a personalized wellness tourism experience. 

We hope this answers your questions on what is wellness tourism? We believe wellness tourism can be accessible to all. What is wellness tourism to you?

Travel, WellnessPerryn Ford