3 Grapefruit Peel Benefits For Your Skin

A little-known ingredient could pack a big punch in your skincare routine: Grapefruit! Yes, most people think of grapefruit as the tangy, sweet fruit often served with breakfast. Personally, it is one of my favorite fruits to have in the morning. I scoop out the citrusy innards to enjoy, freeze the juice for an icy snack later, and now it turns out even the peel is useful. Talk about zero waste! There are many grapefruit peel benefits for your skin.

Grapefruit peel benefits 

Grapefruit peel benefits range from helping digestion, to boosting weight loss, and more. However, when consumed or applied topically, grapefruit peel benefits for skin are countless. It is an under-the-radar addition to your beauty regimen. Below are our top three grapefruit peel benefits for skin!

1. Reduces hyperpigmentation 

Grapefruit peel, when applied topically, is a magic ingredient for reducing hyperpigmentation (those pesky dark marks left from sun exposure or acne scars). As a bonus grapefruit peel benefit, it also boosts your collagen, the building-block protein that supports skin elasticity and structure. This is due to the high content of vitamin C and potassium in grapefruit peel.

2. Exfoliates skin

One of the biggest grapefruit peel benefits is its refreshing ability to exfoliate skin. This makes it useful not just for the face, but all over your body to slough off dead skin cells. Grapefruit peel’s exfoliation powers are thanks to its high vitamin C content that naturally promotes cell turnover. Grapefruit is a central ingredient in our Refreshingly Clean Dry Shower Powder, which is perfect for staying exfoliated and fresh for travel!

3. Protects skin from the environment

You may know that your skin is constantly being barraged my environmental pollutants, which can cause oxidation and aging. An essential part to any skincare routine is protecting skin from the environment. Grapefruit peel is packed with antioxidants which do just that! Add in grapefruit peel to your full-body skincare routine and keep your skin happy and safe.

How to add grapefruit to your skincare routine

There are many ways to introduce grapefruit peel into your skincare routine. In fact, there are so many grapefruit peel benefits for skin that we recommend using it for your entire body, not just your face. Look for products containing grapefruit, such as our Refreshingly Clean Dry Shower Powder. You can also dry grapefruit peel yourself to use as a scrub. And lastly, beauty starts on the inside, so make sure you add fresh grapefruit to your diet.

Do you like grapefruit? Have you ever tried it for your skin? We’d love to know your story!

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