5 Travel Beauty Essentials For Your Busy Life On The Go!

We love to travel, but for many people that means their beauty and wellness routines get thrown to the curb. Why is that? Often your focus before a trip is on things like finding your passport, not fitting your favorite travel beauty essentials into 100 ml containers. However, to have the best vacation or busy life possible, it’s important to feel your best possible. 

Travel beauty essentials: Our top picks!

Travel-lovers and busy women ourselves, we put our heads together to give you our top five travel beauty essentials for your busy life on the go.


1. Lotion bars

Travel and busy lifestyles are incredibly dehydrating. We’re talking airplane-level dryness and running between meetings without a moment to refill your water bottle. Keep your skin hydrated with organic lotion bars. Forget lotion dripping in your bag… these unique solid bars won’t create a mess.

Made with the trifecta of luxurious natural butters (cocoa, shea, and mango), and topped with rose geranium oil to support cell turnover, lotion bars are the perfect addition to your travel beauty essentials. 

2. Cleansing shower powder

Just like lotion, your shower gel is a common culprit for leaking in your bag. That’s why we created a shower powder… yes, powder! The cleansing shower powder is perfect for travel and your busy life because it won’t add to liquids allowance on planes, and won’t create a mess. Just add water and it will suds up (and smell beautiful!). 

Our cleansing shower powder contains aloe vera and eucalyptus to calm and detoxify the skin. Grapefruit peel protects the skin with antioxidants and a punch of vitamin C, and we even added in Neem Leaf to help with breakouts and pigmentation. 

3. Oil cleanser

We adore oil cleansing, so much that you can read our love letter to it here. It’s important to keep up your home routines on the road to help your body acclimate. Oil cleansers in particular have the unique power of maintaining skin’s pH and microbiome, especially important in the changing environments of travel. A little oil goes a long way. You don’t need much product to cleanse, so their small containers are p

4. Facial tea 

Facial steaming is a perfect way to unwind after a busy day, whether that was hustling or sightseeing. Our facial teas are ideal for travel because they won’t add to your liquid allowance, and will even add a lovely scent to your luggage. We have two organic blends to choose from (lemon and fennel, or rosemary and hops). 

5. Sunscreen … or sun protection gummies?

Sunscreen may be the most important thing you do for your skin’s long-term health. Be sure to apply sunscreen daily. There are many sunscreen types to choose from, but personally I prefer a mineral sunscreen for my sensitive skin. If you want to go even more travel-friendly, though, try sun protection gummies. Yes – you can now get your daily sun protection in gummy form! Take that claim with a grain of salt, though.  

What are your travel beauty essentials? Let us know!

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