3 Luxury Wellness Resorts We Are Dying to Visit

Sometimes we travel to sightsee and check off bucket list items. Other times… we just need a break. If you’ve ever stayed at luxury wellness resorts, then you know what we mean! If you are new to wellness travel, then let us introduce you to the concept of luxury wellness resorts. 

Why should you stay at luxury wellness resorts?

Luxury wellness resorts are like a hotel, but so much more. Your meals are included, your room is to die for, and you are surrounded by wellness opportunities. Think massages, facials, and other treatments. Some of the best luxury wellness resorts incorporate the local culture into both their décor and their treatments. 

Our top 3 Luxury Wellness Resorts

We think that this infusion of local culture is what separates the top luxury wellness resorts from the rest: You may be chilling getting a facial, but you can still experience the place you’ve traveled to! Here are our top three.

1. Mii Amo, Sedona, Arizona

Why we love it: Mii Amo tops not only our list, but Travel + Leisure’s list too! In 2018, Mii Amo was named the #1 Spa Resort in the USA. And for good reason… with incredible rooms, spa services, and cuisine, the resort is surrounded by the iconic red rock canyons of Arizona. The local Native American culture has a huge influence on the wellness treatments, giving a sense of history, education, and spirituality to any visit.

What treatment you should get: Any of the Native American Inspired Therapies. Our choice is the Spirit of the New Moon Manifesting treatment.

2. Amanemu, Japan

Why we love it:  Amanemu is not only a luxury wellness resort. It is also an Onsen, which is a traditional Japanese form of bathing. The mineral rich waters that surround Amanemu make it one of the top places in the world for an Onsen experience. Experience Japanese hospitality and wellness at its finest at Amanemu. 

What treatment you should get: Go full out with the Amanemu Wellness Day Program, which incorporates yoga, traditional onsen bathing, and aquatic bodywork.


3. Maya Tulum Resort, Mexico

Why we love it: Maya Tulum Resort is located by the sea on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is heavily influenced by ancient Mayan traditions, and hosts some of the foremost yoga teachers in the world.

What treatment you should get: Temazcal, or sweat lodge, is the traditional Mayan treatment where healers bring you through a soul cleansing ceremony.


We are just dying to get to these three luxury wellness resorts! Which one would you travel to first? Did we miss any?

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