5 Relaxing Staycation Ideas For Your Next Self Care Experience

I love to travel more than pretty much anything, but unfortunately travel doesn’t always fit in my lifestyle. Whether it’s budget, time off work, or more, sometimes it just isn’t feasible to hop on an airplane. However, I don’t believe this means we have to give up travel. Here are some relaxing staycation ideas for the next time you need a break, but can’t jet set.

Relaxing staycation ideas

It’s likely that when you feel most pressured not to travel…well, that’s probably when you could benefit from travel the most! This is the perfect opportunity to travel in your own town. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, and check out our top five relaxing staycation ideas that you need to try for yourself!

1. Stay at a hotel or Airbnb in your local city

Sometimes the best part about travel is the change of scenery. Well, you don’t have to travel to a foreign country for this. Next time you are feeling stressed, plan a staycation in your hometown. Book a boutique hotel, a cute Airbnb, or maybe even a spa resort. It doesn’t need to be fancy – the new atmosphere will do you a world of good!

2. Have a home spa day

If you can’t book a hotel or Airbnb, you can still have a staycation in your own home. Block out an afternoon (or, let’s go wild, a whole day!) for a spa experience. Some of my favorite treats for a spa day are a long bubble bath with the eucalyptus shower powderfacial steaming, a mani-pedi, and a face mask. Add in a glass of herbal tea… or wine… and I’m set!

3. Do something touristy in your hometown

Have you ever noticed how many more ‘fun’ things you do in your town when you are entertaining visitors? Be a tourist in your own town and finally go to that museum, brewery, hiking trail, or tour that you’ve considered for ages. Make the most of the moment and really immerse yourself in the ‘vacation’ feeling. 

 4. Don’t set your alarm

Throw out the to do list for the day. Ignore your responsibilities and embrace… your bed! That’s right, it may seem sacrilegious to the overworked among us, but you deserve to turn off your alarm. Give yourself permission to sleep in and get your beauty rest.

5. Put your phone on airplane mode for the day

One of the most counterintuitively relaxing things about travel in foreign countries is having to put your phone on airplane mode. It’s not just me, right? It is so nice to put away the digital distractions and pressure of notifications to respond to, and just experience my surroundings during travel. There’s no reason you can’t try this in your home town! Set up a day for self care, and remember to switch your phone to airplane mode.

Have we inspired you? Let us know your own relaxing staycation ideas!

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