Self Care City Guide: Washington D.C.

Don’t leave your wellness habits at home next time you travel! At Cloverdale Organics, we are big advocated of taking self care on the road… the truth is, travel takes a toll on your body, and you will need your wellbeing routines even more when you are away. One of our favorite autumn destinations is the United States capital. However, with everything blowing up in the political realm right now, you might not think DC is the best destination for your wellbeing. That’s why we’ve created our Washington DC self care guide. 

Your guide to Washington DC self care

Incorporate some of these tips on your next trip to DC and you’ll feel all your politically-fueled tension melt away (Until your next NYT push notification, at least. Maybe turn that off too).

1. Stroll along the Potomac and visit DC’s many monuments and free museums

The Potomac River flows through Washington DC, and has plenty of walking trails available for you. Even in the midst of a city, you’re able to soak up some nature. While you’re out and about, you can also check out one of Washington DC’s many free museums, such as the National Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery, National Museum of African Art, Renwick Gallery, and more. 

2. Attend a LIVE SACRED DC wellness workshop

One of our favorite unique stops in DC, and your foremost destination for Washington DC self care events, is LIVE SACRED DC. At one of the LIVE SACRED DC workshops, you can experience a community of like-minded women, learning about plant-based approaches to a healthier lifestyle. Examples of workshops include beauty food gatherings perfect for any traveler to drop in to. 

3. Stock up on self care products at the Take Care Shop

Why not pick up some souvenirs on your Washington DC self care tour? Our favorite wellness shop is Take Care Shop, a gorgeously minimalist shop where you can pick up nontoxic beauty products, organic cotton clothes, jade rollers, and so much more. 

4. Have brunch, lunch, or dinner at Founding Farmers

After the walking, museums, workshops, and shopping, you’re bound to be hungry. Good, tasty, and nourishing food will keep you going like nothing else when you’re traveling! And since you’re in DC, put a local spin on it at Founding Farmers. Here, you can try locally sourced food in a cozy restaurant owned by actual farmers. Why not try the bourbon battered French toast for brunch (balanced with the cold-pressed Green Day juice, of course)? Or check out the selection of handmade pastas, or one of the unique vegan options? You can’t really go wrong at Founding Farmers.

Enjoy your next trip to DC! We hope you’re able to take a moment to soak up all the Washington DC self care opportunities, as well as the history.

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