4 Ways to Stay Healthy While Flying

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone on vacation, only to get off your airplane sniffling and sneezing. *Raises all of my limbs*. Turns out that airplanes are literal cesspools for germs. With so many people crammed in a small space, and dry air recirculating for hours, it’s a wonder that we ever walk off an airplane healthy. It is so important to stay healthy while flying. After visiting 26 countries, traveling on so many airplanes, I’ve found a few things that work for me.

Tips on how to stay healthy while flying

To stay healthy while flying, you need to remember a few basics. Airplanes batter your immune system and your hydration levels, so do everything you can to boost immunity and avoid dehydration. Here are my top four tips on how to stay healthy while flying!

1. Take vitamin C

Even if you don’t normally take vitamin C, your next flight is a good time to start. No vitamin is better for boosting your immune system than vitamin C. Try taking a multivitamin for a couple weeks before your trip, packing some clementines or other vitamin C-rich fruits for your flight, or even taking a dissolvable vitamin C tablet on your flight!

2. Keep your lips hydrated

Planes have incredibly dry environments, and your lips will suffer! Chapped and dry lips create a damaged barrier, and if you ever bring your hands to your mouth (guilty!) you are guaranteed to let in nasty germs and bacteria. To avoid this, make sure you are using chap stick or lip balm. Because our lips are some of the most sensitive skin on our bodies, I always recommend using organic and nontoxic products. My current favorite is the Cloverdale cardamom + lemon lip balm

3. Remember to drink, drink, drink

Water, that is. We know it’s hard, but say no to those mini bottles of wine and the complimentary sodas which will just bloat and dehydrate you further. There is no more important time to drink water than when you are flying. Fill up your water bottle after security and make sure you request more water on the plane. Personally, I even fly with a travel filter water bottle so I can refill it in the plane’s bathroom. This may mean more trips to the bathroom, so choose an aisle seat if you can!

4. Bring disinfecting wipes

With so many people pushed together in a small environment, germs are running rampant. Additionally, airplane staff don’t have much time to clean their airplanes between journeys, so you are likely sitting in (and breathing in) germs for all the flights before yours. An easy solution is to bring disinfecting wipes on your next trip, and give a quick wipe down to the armrest and seat cushion.

Try one (or all!) of our tips on how to stay healthy while flying on your next trip. Do you have any of your own remedies or tips? Share them with us!

Wellness, TravelPerryn Ford