The Importance of Morning Routine: 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have One

We know how tempting it is to roll out of bed ten minutes before you have to leave for work, brush your teeth, and grab an apple to go. Everyone says sleep is good for you… so you’re probably thinking, why not maximize it? Well, you may actually benefit from less sleep, if you wake up early enough to give yourself time for a morning routine. If you find yourself pressing snooze until you’re late for work, you may benefit from a morning routine. 

Why you should have a morning routine

Before you press snooze tomorrow, consider these four reasons why everyone should have a morning routine! We know a morning routine won’t sound so exciting at 6 or 7am tomorrow when your bed is warm and comfy (been there!), but we promise a morning routine is worth it in the long run.

1. You’ll sleep better at night

We know this is counterintuitive… you wake up earlier, get less sleep, and still your morning routine gets you better sleep? According to, a morning routine helps balance your circadian rhythm, and will lead to sounder sleep at nightfall.

2. Increase productivity throughout the day

The great thing about a morning routine is that you’ve already achieved one thing for the day, before you set off for your work or life obligations! This one small change can increase productivity for the rest of your day.

3. Boost your mood

Every experienced that immediate adrenaline rush when you’ve slept through your alarm? That can have a lasting impact throughout your day, leaving you frazzled and catching up from your morning mistake. The same is true of a morning routine. Boost your mood by giving yourself some extra me-time in the morning.

4. Ease stress and anxiety

Begin your day with some self care in your morning routine, and you will have set yourself up for the day. With a morning routine, there is no racing and rushing to work. You have time to get ready, eat, and even pamper yourself a bit, easing stress and anxiety right at the beginning of your day.

What’s in our morning routine?

So what exactly makes up a great morning routine? There are some common themes to morning routines, such as waking up earlier, exercising or stretching, not looking at your phone right away, and having a balanced breakfast. Everyone’s morning routine will be different, though. Make yours fun and unique to you, and you’ll be exciting to get up earlier. 

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