Travel as Self Care: 5 Ways To Turn Your Next Vacation Into a Wellness Experience

Have you ever returned from a well-earned vacation feeling like, well, you need a vacation? Although many of us spend our days yearning for travel (I know I do!), it can still be a very stressful experience. We want to change your mindset, with our top five tips for travel as self care.

Personally, I lived abroad for four years, and in my last year I traveled long-term by living nomadically throughout Europe. While this was a dream come true, it took a toll on my health. I experienced burn out, and returned home to get my health sorted. After coming to terms with how travel contributed to my ill-health, I now treat travel as self care and am more mindful in my travel habits.

5 Ways to Treat Travel as Self Care

Firstly, why is travel so stressful? Long journeys can be taxing on the body. Then consider the mental and physical stress of navigating a new city or country (or language!), eating new food, drinking new water, and more. No wonder travel can be exhausting. If you want to return from your vacation feeling rested and renewed, you need to treat travel as self care. Here are our top five tips!

1. Take your time

The two most stressful times during travel are your arrival and departure. Weekend city breaks are a great way to fit in travel, but half of your “vacation” is just trying to transport yourself to and from said city! If you can, add a couple extra days to your trip. Give yourself time to breathe, and time to recover from the actual.

2. Continue your home self care routine 

Most times when we travel, we throw our home habits and self care routines to the wind. However, this is one of the worst things you can do! Our bodies thrive on routine, so try and keep it up as you adjust to your new location.

3. Keep drinking water

Travel, especially flying, is incredibly dehydrating. Combine that with drinking less, and your body will suffer! Bring a big reusable water bottle with you and drink, drink, drink. If you are in a country where you can’t drink the tap water, buy a big gallon jug of water to refill with.

4. Take your vitamins

Personally, I found that after six months of long term travel, I had become severely deficient in Vitamin B. I was rushed in for injections, and told this could explain my fatigue, muscle pain, and memory loss. I know this is an extreme scenario, but any time you travel you risk becoming deficient in key vitamins. Trying local food is great, but it is not what your digestive system is used to! Pack a daily all-in-one vitamin with you, and problem solved.

5. Don’t pressure yourself to see everything

One of the biggest parts of travel as self care is self love. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t make it to every “must-see” sight. This is a vacation after all. Try to soak up the experience rather than pressuring yourself to do too much.

Have you ever experienced travel burn out? Let us know your own experience in the comments!

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